Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ubuntu Works!

Classes start next week. Between meetings today I had time to slip into the computer lab and spin up the Ubuntu Live CD for Hardy Heron. It works great with the PCs in the school's lab. Networking works fine, video is good, apps run, and so on.

I'm really pleased about this, even if it's not an Edubuntu Live CD as I've mentioned elsewhere. I'll be able to use this disk in class even if it doesn't include some of the Edubuntu apps I'd like to have. I'm not in a position to intall Ubuntu so that I can apply the Edubuntu stuff to it. I need everything on one Live CD.

In addition, I may download the older v.7 distro of Edubuntu Live CD image to get the Edubuntu apps. After all, that's what I was told I was getting when I ordered the CD. The upgrade to Hardy Heron where Edubuntu no longer fits on the same CD as the core Ubuntu is what I got. The fact that Hardy Heron works fine on the school's hardware means that it's reasonable to hope the prior version will do the same (we're not talking cutting edge hardware here.)

I was hoping to spin up some other free OS Live CDs, but my time went into making a copy of Ubuntu for a former student who happened to be in the school center instead. She has a computer at home that's a close cousin to our lab PCs that has some problems that a switch to Linux might fix.

The joy of free software. All I had to do is pull out a blank CD and make a copy for her. No fuss, no muss, no shrink-wrap licenses or fees.

And knowing that I've got at least one Live CD that just ups and runs on the school's computers feels really good.