Monday, September 28, 2009

8085 Trainer Project

I've posted a web page on my 8085 micro trainer that I'm building. I've posted instructions on building the system up just as I'm building it, along with my notes.

To date, I've posted instructions that go through getting the core system running with a memory, adding switch inputs through interrupts, and giving the 8085 an LCD display as an output. I'm presently integrating the LCD driver code with the interrupt code, then I'll add a keyboard to the system.

This system will be a small, hand-held micro trainer. It's intended for easy, anywhere machine language programming of an 8080-compatible system, for those of us who find such activities fun and relaxing.

Check it out >>

Yes, I do machine language programming for relaxation. I also crochet Irish lace and embroider knotwork patterns for relaxation. I like things that are mentally engaging, but that can proceed at a casual pace for unwinding at the end of the day.

In case I'm really fried at the end of the day, I keep databooks stacked on my bedside stand.

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