Wednesday, November 11, 2009

8085 Project Update

8085 SDK Prototype
I'm still working on my 8085-based SBC. I've finished the power supply for the permanent hard-wired one since completing the breadboard version. I've been slowed a bit by a couple of items--I've been trying to find a way of doing schematics that I'm happy with, and I had a minor medical procedure that's had complications putting me in enough pain that i'm having trouble concentrating for long periods of time.

The pain is just pain of the useless variety--there's nothing wrong that it's signalling. But it's cut into my productivity and the number of hours I'm able to do things that require thought and precision each day. As a result I'm getting less time in on the 8085 than I am on Mythbusters DVDs in the evening. As things get better (slowly), I'm really looking forward to knocking the 8085 hardware out. If all goes well, I should be able to get the core system in this weekend--clock oscillator, CPU, address latch, and memory. Plus an LED on SOD for testing. That'll have a connector since the final version will have the LED on a user interface board mounte on the enclosure.

I've managed to put together the material for the web pages on adding and testing the keyboard as well. Next update to the project pages at will include that. It's much more fun with a keyboard.

Developing the system monitor will start once the permanent hardware is complete (scheduled to be around Thanksgiving to clear the decks for another hardware project.) I expect software development of the initial version of the system monitor to run into January. Updates will continue indefinitely... ;)