Friday, May 20, 2011

microCarve A4 CNC Assembly Instructions Online

MicroCarve A4 CNC router, base assembly

I've posted step by step instructions of how I assembled my microCarve A4 CNC router on my website:

microCarve A4 Assembly

This is the first component of a new section of my site dedicated to CNC machining. Since I've gotten the A4, I've really enjoyed spending a lot of time working with it, learning what I can do with it. I'm still a long way away from solidly competent, but it's a state I'm enjoying working toward. And the stuff I'm making along the way is fun, too.

So, as time allows, I'll be expanding the content I have from the CNC Machining home page on my site to include project info, tips and tricks I learn along the way, and links to information from others that I've found especially helpful (if I linked everything that was helpful to me, it'd overwhelm me entirely!)

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