Monday, September 5, 2011

Motorola 68000 "Art"

I got an email message today about an image I posted some long time ago of a poster for the Motorola 68000 processor. The original image is a black and white test of image detail with my then-new cell phone.

Well, looking back at that old image is downright embarrassing. So here's a better one, and some other M68000-related images to go with it.

Motorola 68000 promotional poster with chip die image.
My poster from the Wescon conference after the 68000 was introduced. It came with a 68000 die tacky-glued to the poster, which I've since misplaced.

M68K Family Microprocessor User's Manual
The M68K Family User's Manual. Hardware Design Stuff.

MC68000 User's Manual
The older user's manual just for the 68000, this one's programming info.

HP 9800 User's Manual for M68000 CPU
Another 68000 User's Manual, from HP, pretty much the same as the above, but smaller and with an HP label on.

M68000 Cross Pascal Compiler Systems Guide
The Pascal Cross Compiler's Manual for the 68000

68000 Data Sheet Front Page, 1979
This is the front of a pre-release M68000 data sheet I got at a promo event in 1979. It got me pretty excited, I can tell you!

The programmer's manual for the whole 68K family.
Cover of the software book that goes with the 68K family hardware book, above.

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