Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The G2 Cellphone Camera

The G2 Cellphone's camera has a much higher resolution than that of the Sciphone i68+. I'm not going to play games with numbers in megapixels, the camera's native resolution is 1600 by 1200. The included camera software can do interpolation to achieve higher "apparent" resolutions, so the manufacturer claims 4 megapixels for the camera.

The resolution of the camera is fine. It's response to different lighting conditions is good, too. It doesn't have any built-in flash capability. It has the ability to set both exposure and white balance, as well as to use a number of effects in pictures (sepia tone, etc.)

A picture of my old Motorola 68000 poster. Somehow the greyscale image effect seemed appropriate.

Here's a section of the above photo at full resolution. Not too shabby, even for handheld.

The only problem I've had with the camera so far is it's shutter release. It uses to "OK" button on the front of the phone to take a picture. The problem is that the button is kind of stiff, so pressing it makes the phone move just as it takes the picture. This results in lots of "transporter accident" photos. There may be a trick to holding the phone still while pushing the button. I'm still working on the "best grip" for the phone while taking pictures, I need to keep my fingers out of the way of the lens, which is way up in one corner, and try to hold the phone still.

My first few images weren't bad. Then I took one bad picture and it's been a struggle to not get the images smeared ever since. The "touch the screen" shutter release on the Sciphone i68+ is much better.
The effects of a stiff shutter release, coupled with holding the camera out at arm's length over someone's shoulder.

Some of my class working away on their class projects. The camera wasn't perfectly still here, but I managed to hold it still enough for snapshot quality.

Pushing the camera's macro ability. This camera is far better than my Nokia's for close up images. The part near the top, in best focus, is only about 3 inches (75mm) from the lens of the camera.

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