Monday, October 12, 2009

Sciphone G2 Tips

Some tips for users of the Sciphone G2:

  • Fastest way to move all those files you just transferred from the "Received" directory to the place they belong is not to use the Move function in File Manager. Instead, use file manager to go to the Recieved directory, select the file, then select "Open" from the menu. It will ask if you want to "open it from" . Answer yes, it'll move it then open it in the app. Back-arrow to drop out of the app, then do it for the other files as needed.

  • If you're looking for something to select, but it doesn't seem to have it there, use a tap to select the thing you want.

  • If you're selecting a directory, and tapping on it gives you "Empty" (meaning it has no subdirectories, by the way, not that it has no files. It about gave me a heart attack the first time I saw it), then press the OK button below the screen.

  • Be patient. There are many operations that seem to have an I/O delay associated with them.

  • If you've been patient, try again. Clicks and touches can get missed if you're going too fast at some points.

  • You can use the rocker switch on the side as well as the four-way switch on the face to scroll.

  • If you're sick of hearing beeps while using the ebook reader, put it in Meeting mode. You'll feel the shake while you're reading, anyway.

  • Usually you can briefly press the hang up button when you're at the top window to lock the screen. But sometimes it won't respond to a short press. Press again, and hold, then select "Lock Screen" from the resulting menu.

  • Expect everything to be slow if you're running a large video.

  • When answering, the screen may be slow to respond if you tap the "Answer" button. Use the pick-up/call button on the face of the phone--the one that looks like an old phone receiver turned upward on the left side.

  • Have I mentioned patience? Overall, the phone works nicely, but there are points where it seems to pause for a moment, and other times when the menus don't seem to give you the right choices.

  • If a menu doesn't seem to have the logical choice, check selections on the screen if you've been navigating through the physical keys. Vice versa if you've been navigating via the screen. At some points you can only make selections one way or the other, but not both, it seems.

  • Remember that the camera takes the picture after the camera shutter noise. To avoid smearing, keep holding the camera steady until it displays the completed image.

Good luck!

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