Thursday, September 9, 2010

Killing Time with Web Comics

School started this week, I've been busy with the preparations I've made for my classes as well as teaching them, on top of my regular work. I've been a bit low-key otherwise.

While I should be putting the finishing touches on my 8085 computer this afternoon, I've been reading funnies on the web instead.

The one I've been enjoying over the past few days I'm enjoying a lot. It's called Sheldon, and you'll be doing yourself a favor if you click on that link there. There are several years worth of archive up for the comic, so you can read it all from Strip One. I recommend doing it that way--it'll explain a lot that appears to make no sense otherwise.

I first learned of Sheldon through the book How to Make Webcomics. Sheldon's creator, Dave Kellett, is one of the book's authors. I got the book because I've been reading PVP for some years. and I got interested in the book. Among the things I cover in my computer classes is using the skills I teach in business, and I've incorporated some of the material in the book into my lessons.

Sheldon is cute, fun, clean (one mild swear word in almost ten years' comics I've seen so far, and some pretty abstract innuendo is the worst I've seen), and a great way to avoid doing the things I don't feel like I've got the energy for right now. Besides, the weather's turned cold and that means I can't paint the enclosure on my 8085 computer today. Maybe tomorrow, but for now, back to Sheldon. What's that duck up to now?

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  1. I mostly read Brian Clevinger's Web Comics (as well as his normal comic, Atomic Robo)
    8-Bit Theatre
    How I killed your master
    Warbot in Accounting