Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Old Computer Orphanage

Computers on my Doorstep
I got up this morning to find a G3 iMac sitting on the floor of my living room. My wife told me a friend of ours had come by earlier to drop it on our doorstep.

What a fun little surprise for the day!

G3 iMac

It's a 450MHz G3--the top of the line--with Mac OS X Jaguar loaded (10.2, one of the best versions of that OS), and it has Classic, which lets it run the OS9 stuff within X. 128MB of memory (remember when that was plenty? What do you do now that you didn't do then? We had web browsers and MP3 players back then, you know.) All in all a very sweet little all-in-one system.

Aside from some cosmetic dings and a missing keycap (up arrow), it's in great shape.

Unfortunately, it's a little too old for me to donate to my school--we'd need at least an Intel processor there, we need to teach on Windows as well as MacOS. But I have plans for building a G3/G4 based game network here at home so that the family and guests can enjoy some of the old games like WarCraft II that we miss so much. I just need to reclaim some space in the garage from my overflowing heap of Apple II stuff. ;)

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