Saturday, September 4, 2010

Siig Multi-Touch Mini Keyboard Wrap-Up

A while ago I wrote about getting a Siig Multi-Touch Mini Keyboard. I wanted to get something of the sort because I wanted an integrated keyboard and mouse for use in the front room. I didn't want a separate mouse.

Well, after using it for the first few hours, I was pretty pleased. But as time went on I got less and less pleased. The touchpad was way too sensitive. It was registering clicks even when I wasn't touching it. When my palms were on the wrist rest, it would register clicks. I was getting all sorts of problems. Selections were just part of it, it'd be selected on something when I didn't even know it, so when I'd put my finger down to move the mouse pointer, I'd get an unintended drag. I'd see it--you can guess the natural reaction--and end up with an unintended drag and drop.

There's no way to make adjustments to the behavior of the touchpad. Adjustments in the OS don't affect it, nor do mouse adjustment. Siig's support barely acknowledges that the product exists, and there's no help there either.

Well, I tried just catching when it was happening, and tried avoiding making it happen. Neither worked well enough. My typing speed dropped through the floor, the errors continued, and there wasn't much I could do to keep it from happening. I just had to be prepared for it and try to minimize the damage. Not the best way to go.

Finally, I set aside the keyboard and put in another that annoys me with sticky keys. It was better. Two hours of typing later I was feeling better--with sticky keys on the keyboard. That pretty well sealed it.

I took the Siig keyboard back.

I've since replaced it with another keyboard. See my review of the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000.

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