Friday, April 22, 2011

8085 Microprocessor Reference Card Posted

8085 processor reference card

I put up a downloadable PDF of my own 8085 reference card on my website:
8085 Microprocessor Reference Card

I've added a bunch of information that I often use that's not on the original Intel reference card. This includes the undocumented 8085 instructions, timing for all instructions in T-States, a pinout and basic electrical reference, and a little more detail on the additional interrupts the 8085 adds to the 8080A design. Such as the fact that they're off by default, which I've forgotten at least a couple of times when writing test routines.

The card is laid out so that it can be printed on either a single-sided sheet or double sided to make two cards laid out with a front and back. The finished card looks great on a good cover stock paper, and folds to fit nicely into a pocket.

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