Monday, April 4, 2011

Gecko G540 Power-Up!

I finished the enclosure for the power supply and Gecko motor controller today!

I changed my fan layout a bit. I put all four fans to work at the back of the box. Two are intake fans, the ones on the opposite side are outlet fans. They blow across the back of the Gecko. They make a pretty good stream of air. The fans are all the same type now, unlike yesterday's picture. They're all the larger variety of CPU fan. 75mm or thereabouts.

I used CPU fans for their low profile, I've only got about 3/8" clearance on each side of the inside. I've paired them up side by side to increase airflow.

This also meant adding a pair of fan cutouts to the back end of the box. So that was added work over what I'd anticipated.

Nevertheless, I got the holes cut, the fans mounted, wired, and a connector on them with a mating connector on the power supply.

I wrangled the wires and got the box closed. I had the Gecko pulled (I'd taken it out after the initial test fit. I pulled the power leads for the Gecko out of the box and hooked them up to the Gecko.

When I plugged in and powered on, I got Power and Fault lights (there's still no E-Stop wired to the Gecko, just power at this point.) That's a good test.

Off to bed for me. Pics tomorrow.

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