Friday, January 31, 2014

DayZ, Diaries of the Damned #1

Daytime, Country Farm Town

I still had nothing when the zombie came at me, so I ran. I ran to the woods. Apparently zombies have a confused sense of the rules of hide and seek, as once there it stopped and began counting to 100.

Good enough for me. I ran back into town and searched the buildings. I must have been looking for me in the woods still, as I went through the entire place without being accosted again.

I collected a motorcycle helmet, a backpack, new pants and a manly lumberjack shirt. I found a pipe wrench, which will be handy when the time comes that I require a trade to earn my citizenship. I also found about fifteen cans of food and a well. I drank myself full at the well several times, as I have heard that you can go for days without food if you stay well hydrated. Though I have all these cans of food, I have no way of opening them.

I am starving, it says. I have cans of tuna in my shirt pockets. My pants pockets are stuffed with cans of beans. Finally I find a shovel. Hurray! I have opened cans with a shovel in real life, it's messy but it works. What's this? The shovel will not open the beans. Neither will the wrench. I can't grind off the lip of the can on a rock. The lights go dim.

I go unconscious. I am alone. I have starved with a backpack full of food.

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  1. Maybe that's something they will change. Sure you can open a can with a shovel but you will lose half the food in the process.

  2. I would rather lose half of all my beans and live than die will fully intact cans.