Friday, January 31, 2014

DayZ, Diaries of the Damned #2

Daytime, Castle

I have found both a can of beans and a screwdriver which opens cans, whereas a shovel will not, nor a rock, nor stern looks. But the screwdriver allows me to open and eat the food I find. Presumably I can stab zombies with it, though that seems unsanitary. Fortunately I have also found a baseball bat.

I have made my way uphill to a castle. I avoided the telecomm tower, it looked as frightening to climb as they do in real life. If I find a gun, it might be fun to go up and pick off zombies there, except that there don't seem to be any around here. But now I am at the castle, which has been conveniently marked as a point of historic interest. Personally I'm interested in seeing if anyone through history has left a shirt with pockets or a pair of cargo pants--anything to let me carry more items than a bat, a screwdriver, and a partially spilled open can of beans.

The ground floors have nothing. But stairs lead upward. If I wanted to leave junk somewhere that the zombies wouldn't get it, I'd put it upstairs. The top of the tower is empty, which is a rip since there's not much of a view here, either. But there's a lower building with scaffolding next to it.

There's nothing there, either, and the walls get in the way of the view. Never mind, time to move on in my search for a plaid shirt or cargo pants. I go to the wall and step over.

Apparently the "step over" command suddenly means "throw yourself forward and off of the high scaffold", because I have catapulted into space and died upon impact with the ground. Funny, it looked high enough to break an arm but not enough to kill me from below. No, the screen says that I am dead.

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  1. I fell about 50 ft into water and died from the impact. I fell landed in the water, tread water for a few second then the screen went black. I can only assume the water was really cold and I died from shock or something...