Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Browsing the Web with an Atari 2600?

I posted an entry about Web Surfer, my new cartridge for my Atari 2600 over on my other blog by accident last week. It was supposed to be posted here.

Web Surfer cartridge box for the Atari 2600. Web browser for the VCS?
Browse the Web with Your Atari VCS 2600.
Nevertheless, there are not one but two, count 'em, two pages of information over there. Apparently I was a bit too subtle in my placement of the link to the second page, and almost nobody who has visited there has seen it. So I added a message next to the image (the picture at the bottom of the first page) that acts as a link to the second page. It's the "how to" page--the first one is just sort of a "gee whiz" page. I guess I fail at information organization.

Have a look. If I still get nobody getting there now, I'll use 36 point type and the <BLINK> tag next time. If that doesn't work, we'll, then I'll know for a fact that I should just bury my mistakes and move on. ;)

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