Monday, August 16, 2010

Whatever Happened to the Eee Keyboard PC?

I like my ASUS Eee PCs. I've got three of them. They've displaced a full size PC laptop and a MacBook (now relegated to being my TV computer) as well as a desktop system. They're rugged as heck--I throw them right into my book bag when I take one (or more) to school. They work well, and I especially liked buying them with Linux pre-installed and configured for the hardware. Though now ASUS appears to have been strong-armed into shipping with just Windows (market demand my foot--like anyone trying to buy a 901 with Linux on it when it was first released would believe that!)

A new model was shown around, a unit that has the entire system built into the keyboard. Expansion ports, connectors, and a touch-screen display. You can see it at slashgear and on Steve Chippy's YouTube video. I thought this was pretty darn slick. I was ready to buy at least one, probably two.

Then they just sort of dropped off the face of the map. They don't appear nor are they mentioned on the ASUS Eee site.

And I haven't heard any follow-up reports since those glowing announcements telling me I was going to be able to buy one last June.

The Eee Touch and Eee Box just don't do it for me. The Eee Keyboard was the killer box. I can't hardly think that I'm so very odd that I'm the only one that was ready for the return of the keyboard console computer.

What do you say?

p.s. ASUS: If you want to recover some costs by selling off a couple of functional prototypes, drop me an email!

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