Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Wireless Keyboard: Siig Multi-Touchpad Mini

I picked up a new keyboard to use in the living room yesterday. It's a Siig wireless model with a touchpad in it. I wanted to give up the mouse, and just get everything in one place for this work location. I'll do a full review on it later, once I've had a chance to get used to it.

So far, it's going well. They keyboard itself is very nice. Most of the mini keyboards I've tried have keys that are too small, or keycaps that are too close together at the top, making it easier to fat-finger them when typing in a lap. The Siig has well separated keys of good size. The Enter key is a little smaller than I would like, and there's a Fn key in the lower right corner where my CTRL key is, otherwise I'm pretty happy with the keyboard.

The mouse keys are recessed just a bit too much, and could be a millimeter or two taller (from front to back of the keyboard) to make them easier to hit.

My big open question at this point is whether I can learn to live with tap-to-click on the keypad. For the first few hours, I had no problems. Now it seems like I'm always clicking when I don't want to. Personally, I despise tap-to-click. I like touchpads for pointing, and scrolling. Clicking is for buttons.

Maybe I can learn to live with it. My daughter loves tap to click on her Eee PC (I turned it off on all of mine.) I haven't found a way to turn it off on this keyboard--the control in the OS's options controls the computer's inbuilt touchpad, but not this one. I suspect all the translation from touchpad to clicks is happening inside the keyboard itself, so the OS may have nothing to say about it.

I'll come back with a more full review after I've had another week or two with this keyboard.

Meanwhile, I can now sit in a number of different places while using this computer.

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