Thursday, February 6, 2014

DayZ, Diaries of the Damned #11

Nighttime, Open Fields

I just don't care any more. I ran straight out of the city in my t-shirt, tennis shoes, and jeans with nothing. Zombies chased me up the road and wouldn't stop, but it didn't matter because I was faster. We passed a sign that said I'd come two emerods from Yekatonostril, and they were still chasing me. Hungry zombies.

I don't care. This guy is going to just die like all the rest. I'll pick up a can of beans and beat myself to death with it by accident. Or cut a major artery with a piece of paper. Or something. My money is spent and I just don't care any more. I hear there are shotguns in the game now. Maybe I'll find one and accidentally blow my foot off. I just don't care. Let's just go and see what happens.

When you stop caring, you are free.

I run across the dark fields. The stars are over me. The zombies are lost somewhere behind me, I can't see their outlines any more. I have a flashlight, but that would just attract them or one of the six other players on the server right now.

Maybe I'll run over a cliff. I just don't care. Maybe I'll starve or die of dehydration as I run. What's the difference?

I run. I run. I run.

The sun is rising. How long have I been playing?

Cripes, I've been running for hours without food or water. I haven't had a single thirsty or rumbly tummy message. Well, what the heck. There's a village. Let's check it out.

Ah, a well. I drink, drink, drink, drink, drink. I don't even stop to look around. Who cares? Tummy's full. OK, let's check out these buildings.

Here, zombies! Here, zombies! Huh. Nobody home. Well, that probably means this town's been cleared out by another player. Let's go haunt the empty houses. It doesn't matter.

Wow! Check this out! A hoodie, a backpack...a tin of sardines! Cool.

Eat, eat, eat, eat. Can's empty. No point saving some till tomorrow. Ooh, tummy is too full. So what, am I going to puke? I guess not. OK, on to the next building.

Cartridges. A magazine. Fun. I hope the bandit that kills me has a gun that can use these. I just don't care any more.

Ooh, a pipe wrench. Fire extinguisher. Medical kit? Wow! I've never found one of those before. Cool.

Cargo pants. OK, let's change pants. Gives me a chance to die with my legs bare. Here I am, in the middle of the road, dropping my stuff and taking off my pants. No zombies, no bandits. What a rip. Oh, well, here I am, being alive for now with lots of good stuff for someone to get off my body.

Water bottle and two cans of beans, OK, now I'm supplied. The barn's got what? A combat helmet and a semi-auto pistol? No way!

Whoa! The guest house has a tactical vest. It's almost done for, but hey, the pockets work. Duct tape. I've never had so much stuff.

More food. Still no zombies. A fire axe.

Wow, check this out. I'm just staring at my inventory here. Plenty of food, can opener, a spare tin that I can open by hand, medical supplies, antibiotics, bandages, an ammo can full of ammo, a handgun, a real helmet, a gas mask. Well, my time is about up for the night. Let's find a good place to log off.

This has been...pretty cool. I'm all loaded up now. OK, DayZ, I'm starting to care again. I'm done for the night, but I can't wait to log in next time and play with some of these new toys.


I can't believe what I found last game. Let's log back in, it's daytime now, maybe I can find out where I am.

Logging in...what?

I'm dead? Just...dead? Whyyyy?

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