Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DayZ, Diaries of the Damned #15

Daytime, City.

Respawn. I hate it. It's just so much worse an experience than it has to be.

I'm standing near some buildings, along some railroad tracks, in the who knows where. If any of my compatriots had survived, they'd now be a couple of hours' travel away. But, it was a green spray can we were up against. No survivors.

I'm on my own for a while. Nothing but a t-shirt, jeans, a flashlight and a battery to start with. I put the battery in the flashlight, so that I don't have to do it at night and...

Some guy plants a knife in my back.

Respawn. Did I mention I hate it?

I run for the nearest building. At least I'll be out of sight before I load the flashlight. This time I spawned on a road near a billboard trying to sell me a beach vacation, right on the beach. I'd comment on the bad marketing sense, but there's already just way too much gone wrong here.

In the building, I get away from the windows and hunker down. I load my flashlight, then look up.

I'm still alive.

OK, that's step 1. Now let's look around.

I find a rotten banana, and a t-shirt. Well, I can make the t-shirt useful. I tear it up into rags for bandages then stuff them into my pants.

I race to the next building. Hopefully nobody saw me.

Can opener! Good gravy, there's an honest to God can opener! Woohoo! I've never been this lucky this early before.

I grab it.

There's a can of soda pop here. Good stuff. It counts for both fluid and food, and it doesn't require an opener (though I've got one, haha!) I grab it.

Next building. I thought I saw movement out there, but after peeking out the window, I'm not seeing anything. Hopefully it was nothing.

What's this? An entire case of water bottles? No way! But it's got to be too big to carry, right? I hover my pointer over it. It says "Take Case of Water". Wow, I guess I'll have it into my hands or something till I find a backpack. I hit F and it's mine.

The back room has a scope for a rifle. Taken!

Next building yields a box of ammo and a speedloader for a .357! I cannot believe my luck! Taken!

Next house, two cans of food. Woohoo! Beans and Spaghetti. Taken!

I run for the next building. A guy in a motorcycle helmet and a clown mask pops out. He stops, then says to me, "Why are you running around in your underwear?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Look at yourself."

I pop into third person. He's right!

My pants aren't showing.

I open my inventory. There are the pants, right there.

Hey! Where's my stuff?

"You're weird," the other guy says, then runs off.

My pants show as empty in my inventory. Nothing in the pockets. No water, no food, no gun stuff, and...

I begin to choke up...

No can opener.


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