Saturday, February 1, 2014

DayZ, Diaries of the Damned #4

Daytime, City

Two zombies chased me away from my spawn site. I tried to drag them out into the weeds and lose them, but they wouldn't follow that far. I see another standing around on this edge of the city. I think it's time to strike out for one of the small towns nearby. A handy sign along the road reassures me that something named Gzorgnplat is only 4 emerods away. I hope they have food, water, and can openers in Gzorgnplat.

I check out Gzorgnplat from the safety of the bushes. I see one zombie hanging out next to a shed on the edge of town smoking a cigarette and kicking rocks. Every so often he scans the horizon, but not with any fervor. I skirt the rest of the town, seeing nothing else but noting that this is the same town where I died with a backpack full of canned beans and no can opener. Good, it looks like this is my grocery stop, and I've got a much better idea of how to open cans, now.

I go into a barn that I have visited previously. On the prior trip it offered me a selection of slightly damaged motorcycle helmets in designer colors. Now it is empty. Hmm.

I sneak my way toward a house. I think that on my prior visit there was a zombie hanging around in the back. Nothing appears this time, fortunately, because I don't feel like running it out into the weeds and trying to lose it today. Inside the house, I find nothing but the usual fallen chair and bloody sink.

The next house has an abandoned house plant. It looks pretty healthy, even if the color is off. I can't seem to do anything with it, and there's nothing anywhere else, either.

I jump the fence to the next house. It has a rotten piece of fruit and a pair of handcuffs. I take the handcuffs. You never know, right?

Another house. Nada. I distinctly remember picking up a pair of black Levi's 501s here before. They were 32 x 30s with a white contrasting stitch. And I got a hoodie in the kitchen. I'm beginning to suspect that this town has been picked over.

A quick look shows 3 other people on the server. Great, my lousy luck.

Outside, there's a well. I look around. No zombies. So I pause for a drink. I drink till my stomach is near bursting.

A look down the road and I see the zombie off in the distance. He is facing away, down the road that leads into town. He's throwing rocks at birds and checking his watch with no apparent interest in what I'm up to.

Six more houses, all empty. Not even a rotten banana or mango. They must have worked from this end to the other, and been all full up with all the good stuff from this town plus all the rotten stuff, too, when they got to the handcuffs and rotten orange I found earlier. I can't believe how this place has been cleaned out.

Well, no sense wasting time here, I might as well strike out for another town and hope it hasn't been picked over, or that they've gotten overloaded enough to drop a can of tuna and a screwdriver. I tank up at the well again, then go down the road.

I'm worse off than I thought. My body suddenly starts griping about hunger. It gets a lot worse, quickly. Bag it. I'm going to turn back to the town and log off. I'll log back in tomorrow and get some food. I find a spot behind a bush outside of town, crouch down, and log out.

Daytime, Small Village

I come back. I'm still hungry. Still, town is right there. I'm not getting the monochrome vision thing yet, so I should be good.

I creep into town. No zombie up the road. OK, just as well. I check behind the outlying house. Nothing there, either. I go into the house. Nothing. I check the barn. Empty. I look at the player list. One other player. What the heck?

Next house, rotten orange. Oh, no, I'm not falling for that one. Next house, empty. Well, drink to bursting. Next house, empty. Next house, empty. Next house, also nothing. Shelves in the back room are bare.

I come out. There's a moan as a zombie comes lurching at me.

I run into the woods. After a while, I don't see the zombie any more. The color is leaking out of my vision and my body is complaining of hunger. Crap crap crap. I stumble back into town. Check the buildings where the zombie was.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I'm unconscious. I stare at the screen telling me I'm unconscious for a while, then sigh.

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