Friday, April 8, 2011

microCarve A4 CNC Assembly Complete!

I finished my motor controller box day before yesterday, as described in Gecko G540 Power Up! as I build my microCarve A4 CNC router. Just take a look at the past several articles in my archive for more background and pictures of the A4.

Gecko G540 Motor Controller Enclosure made from UPS, back
Completed Controller Box with Improved Fan Cutouts

Gecko G540 Motor Controller Enclosure made from UPS, front
Front with Big Red Switch and Power Light. Needs personalized stickers.

Microcarve A4 CNC router fully assembled without stepper motors
Completed MicroCarve A4 without Motors.

MicroCarve A4 CNC router with stepper motors attached, ready for testing.
Completed MicroCarve A4 CNC with stepper motors in place.

Tomorrow I start testing without a spindle. If all goes well, I'll start assembling a spindle mount.

More at: my CNCZone Build Thread

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